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Royale Global Beverages (formerly The Royale Teas) is an Indian premium tea company that is into retail of more than 123 varieties of tea.

Royale Tea is one of the prestigious tea trading companies in the country. The group initially held supremacy in manufacturing & exporting orthodox & CTC black teas. The group was also involved in leasing out tea estates to the smaller players of the industry & later stepped into the organized retail tea market.

The Royale group experienced a complete face-change in the year 2012. A re-engineered state of the art plants, a new product range, series of new acquisitions, battery of new C&Fs/distributors all across the country and a completely new team of board of directors & middle level management has again begun a new era of unmatched quality in the branded tea market.

Royale Global Beverages represent quality tea manufacturers established to develop value added range of beverages with its brand presence all across its customers.

The Royale Evolution


                                        1965-1989                                                                                              1989- 1996                                                                                                      2010 Onwards